Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I spent the last weekend in Pine City at my friend's family cabin with a pack of my art-car-girl friends and it was WONDERFUL!  Aside from the smoke from the small kitchen oven (oven-mitts in there once, I think spilled-something burning the next time) which entirely filled the small space plus the wood stove's smoke, and the fact that I couldn't breathe until one of the women lent me her inhaler, it was stupendously productive for me, with 15 small paintings completed!  Three are commissions (one I can't post for a bit) and two others are of our accompanying dogs, and the other ten are all of the area around the cabin!

And here's the crazy thing, the thing I like the best, because somehow these things happen when you really don't try, and things magically come together and it really isn't a big deal but it is pretty cool, and here it is; I am having a SHOW at the Pine Center for the Arts in February!  I knew this before I knew where the girls' weekend was going to be!  And when I found out this wonderful symmetry, it just cracked me up!  And I was there with the perfect group of people with whom to chat and paint around a big table while they played Boggle and Frackle and other odd games!  I couldn't believe I got so much done- I can't wait to see them UP!  And it is so great to know they will be hanging in the area they were PAINTED!  Ain't that cheesy great?!
And I have been having a difficult time getting my painting going since X-mas...
So there it is!  I'll post a couple here~  and put the rest on my Facebook album!


Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Wow, how fun. Kat, these sun drenched snowscapes are positively magical. I knew I loved your dog portraits... and it wouldh've been a tough call to anticipate how such a definitive style would cross over into other subjects... But your sense of design stays strong and wow, that wonderful winter light on snow, so beautiful. You make landscape painting look fun... (:

Anonymous said...

I love these Pine City scapes, Kat. Yay! Wish I coulda been in the cabin with you. Have fun getting them hung up this week!!
Love Beaner

kat corrigan said...

thanks you guys!
I love these too! Still DO! Mom and Dad drove me up on monday to retrieve them and I am very glad to have them back, though two are already off somewhere else and I have three more to deliver to new owners!
I LIKE being an artist!