Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept 17, Fri

It has been a busy and fullfilling week. What is this, the second week of school? It is funny how we humans so easily adapt to new situations. It feels like a very long time ago that I was home with Max, avoiding the heat by going to the lake, altho our electric bill is reflecting the air conditioner use... what I mean is, now THIS is normal, to be in my art room again, talking, teasing, cajoling, convincing, learning along with my students as we explore the various aspects of art and how to use it in our lives. I am so lucky!

And here is a breakfast experience for you to enjoy! This sunday is the 3rd Sunday of September, so we will be having our 3rd Sunday Brunch! I started them about 6 years ago and have missed a few, this July for one. If you are around and would like to drop by, come on over!

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Patrick said...

When I make my first Million, I will start flying in for the 3rd Sundays. Miss you lots, and it is sooo good to be able to stay up to date with you here. Thank you!