30 Dogs in 30 Days, July 2019, 10 Year Anniversary!!!

Holy Schmoly!  It's the TENTH YEAR I've been doing this!!!  Wowzers!

SO to celebrate that, I'm keeping the prices the same as last year's, and I will give all the commissioned portrait owners a book at the end of the project too~

Wow!  I'm so pleased to say that it is probably this event more than any other that has pushed me to keep painting and to become the skilled painter I am today. With the encouragement and support of all my partons and clients and cheerleaders, I have been able to keep painting, and to keep trying and working and learning and practicing and getting better! It's an amazing thing, honestly.

I was looking back through my past years' projects and pulled these images to share, which I am happy to say, I still think they are good ones! Nala, Finn, and Gurdy, above, were some of my first clients. I remember painted each of them. Wow. 

Thank you!

SO let's get this going!  Please SEND ME YOUR DOGS!

I will be gathering images of dogs in the month of June, picking my favorites and giving them dates, and on June 30th I'll post the Official 10th Year Anniversary List!  

I will paint all images on 8x8 panels, and they will be available for $192 ($206 with tax). 

These do NOT have to be commissioned to be included!  However, I will include as many commissions as possible.  

If you know you want to purchase your dog's painting, I will include it in the month for sure. Just let me know!  And you can select a different size as well- a 10x10 ($324 incl tax), or a 12x12 ($466 incl tax). Actually, you could select any size from my price list, really~ link here~   

(Prices are calculated by size in the following formula-  Height x Width x 3)!  And just to make this clear, all commissioned paintings will be included!  

 All accepted DOGS will be assigned a date in July on which they will be painted and posted on my blog when completed.  Please subscribe to my blog to follow along!

All completed works will be on exhibition at Diamond's Gallery for the month of August, 2019~  I will have an opening celebration in August, and works will be available to their new owners in early September.  And I'll make a blurb book too~ as a matter of fact, I'll give you a book if you commission an 8x8 or larger painting!  Those have been fun and you can see my bookstore here!

Here is what I need from you~

Send me your photos of dogs-  small sizes are fine-  I’ll let you know if I need a bigger one!

Tell me what size you'd like me to paint if you want to commission the work!  Otherwise, they'll be 8x8 (if selected) and available for sale to the first buyer!

Specify the date in July if you have a preference-

Subscribe to my blog  ( katcorrigan.blogspot.com) so you'll know if your pet is accepted!

And then follow along for the month of July and watch me paint!

Painting like this is truly a community effort and I appreciate all the support and encouragement I've already gotten in this fantastic creative life!  THANK YOU!!

Any other questions PLEASE feel free to contact me!  612-720-6675 or katjojo@hotmail.com

With much gratitude,

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