30 Cats (And Friends!) In 30 Days, March 2017- Opening Reception Friday April 7, 2017

Eight years ago I decided to dedicate myself to painting daily as a means of improving my work and through the inspiration of artist Clair Hartmann whom I met in July of 2009 in Willmington NC and who had just completed her own series of 100 Dogs in 100 Days.  At first I wanted to do 100 dogs in 100 days as well but soon realized that would be a bit much to attempt, seeing as a month is about thirty days long, and one hundred days would be three months PLUS, so I stuck with July.  I figured I could handle the Thirty Days... so I painted my first "30 in 30" Project in July of 2010.

Of course, I couldn't stop with dogs, and all my cat friends wanted THEIR own month so I started painting 30 Cats in 30 Days in March of 2011.  This is the seventh year of painting one cat a day for the month of March!  And several of those Marches I have been out of town- in Key Largo, Florida one year, in Ireland another, and in New York, and each time yes, I brought my paints along and painted my cats there.

THIS year I want to open this event up in two new ways-  
1- I want photos of all kinds of small "Pocket Pets" as well as your cats!  Send me rabbits and hedgehogs, birds and tortoises, rodents and birds!  You can send me insects but I can't promise I'll paint them...
2- I am offering 6x6 ($100) as well as 8x8 ($175), 10x10 ($275) and 12x12 ($395) sizes! These are my 2016 prices and will be going up for 2017 so get this chance!

Here is the deal-  You send me an image or two of a great pet (including light and shadow!) and I go through and select the ones I will include in the month of March.  These do NOT have to be commissioned to be included!  However, I will include as many commissions as possible.  To keep it easier for me, I will paint all paintings on 6x6 inch panels ($100) and if you want to commission yours and make it my usual 8x8 ($175), or 10x10 ($275), or 12x12 ($395), please let me know (Prices are calculated by size in the following formula-  Height x Width x 2.75).  

 And just to make this clear, ALL COMMISSIONED PAINTINGS WILL BE INCLUDED!  So if you want your pet painted FOR SURE, let me know and we'll get them a date!

 All accepted pets will be assigned a date in March on which they will be painted and posted on my blog when completed.  Please subscribe to my blog to follow along!

All completed works will be on exhibition at Diamond's Gallery for the month of April, 2017!  I will have an opening celebration on Friday, April 7 6-8pm, and works will be available to their new owners after April 30th.  This year I will contribute a percentage of all sales to the Animal Humane Society, since they are the only group I can find who takes care of rats and hamsters and parakeets...
 And I'll make a blurb book too!  Those have been fun and you can see my bookstore here!

SEND ME IMAGES OF YOUR CATS and/or PETS-  small sizes are fine-  I’ll let you know if I need a bigger one!
TELL ME WHAT SIZE YOU WANT ME TO PAINT if you want to commission the work!  Otherwise, they'll be 6x6 and available for sale!
 TELL ME A DATE in March if you have a preference-
 SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG  ( katcorrigan.blogspot.com) so you'll know if your pet is accepted! 
 then FOLLOW ALONG for the month of MARCH and watch me paint!

Painting like this is truly a community effort and I appreciate all the support and encouragement I've already gotten!
so then COME TO THE OPENING on April 7, 6-8pm!   All paintings will be on exhibition for the month of April, and pick-up/delivery will be arranged by mid-May.

Any other questions PLEASE feel free to contact me!  612-720-6675 or katjojo@hotmail.com

Thank you!

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