Friday, June 30, 2017

June 30th, The OFFICIAL LIST for 30 Dogs in 30 Days!

Wow!  I am so appreciative of your patience and enthusiasm!  I'm feeling like I'm not quite getting this season's dog project off with as much fanfare as I'd like, but I have a lovely pile of pups to be pushing my way through this month!
Honestly, I'm out of the country at the moment, and will be back on Monday, and it's made things a bit trickier than usual to get this project rolling, which is why I feel like I'm late with this list, and I apologize to those people on it because I usually send out a personal e-mail to everyone included and let them know and ask for them to send me a story and what size if they want to purchase their paintings and all that stuff...

But I'm tired and I want to get to bed so I can paint tomorrow so I'll get to the list now, shall I?

30 dogs 2017
7/1 Robin for Martha C
7/2 Georgie for Sally I
7/3 RUBY for Sally G
7/4 Ruby Valentine for Nat
7/5 Flynn for Patti C
7/6 Mecca for Maryanna H
7/7 Hank for Cindy F
7/8 Earl Grey
7/9 Jax for Robert M
7/10 Fargo for Sally G
7/11 Gus for Beth D
7/12 Coal for Judith F
7/13 Coheed for Joyce M
7/14 Seabiscuit for Lisa S
7/15 Poppy for Jane D
7/16 Smiling Ruby for Martha C
7/17 Slider for Jodi W
7/18 Kong for Emily K
7/19 Egor for Patti W
7/20 Miss Daisy for Patti B
7/21 A.J. for Terri B
7/22 Lexi for Ginny M
7/23 Louie for Maureen
7/24 Kat for Emily S
7/25 Essey for Amy W
7/26 Jake for John A
7/27 Frosty for Jean McM

And I still haven't quite settled on a charity yet, but there are some good ones in the running!

Thanks so much everyone!  XOXOXO

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