Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feb 28, Official List for 30 Cats & Friends in 30 Days!

I just sent this out as a newsletter, and I'm sending it again on my blog~  because i am SOOOOOO excited!

the OFFICIAL (at least right now)
COMPLETE (mostly-  there's a few open spots yet)
and TOTALLY FINAL (though I am happy to juggle a few things around if needed )

ta DAAAAA!  I've been reading too much Captain Underpants, I think...

So before I get to the list, here's the fun part-  I will be painting one creature a day for the month of March, starting tomorrow morning and proceeding according to this list through the 30th of March.  These paintings are available for purchase, first come, first served, though if it is YOUR animal, you can claim it before I paint it of course!  

And if your pet and YOU are on this list (first names only, for privacy) PLEASE send me a short note about your pet that I can include on the blog post for your pet's day!

AND if you thought you WERE on this list and I missed it somehow, PLEASE send me a note immediately!

And let me warn you that there will be some difficulties in my month already because we have some travel planned-  to be revealed AFTER the fact, just to make it more special!  Wahoo!  It's always a trick to travel with my painting set-up... paints in tubes, pallet and all!

SO here we go!  the LIST~
1- Picky, the Hermit Crab
2- Nigel in a Bucket (for Shannon)
3- Snapper on the road
4- Nemo the Cockatoo
5- Wooly the Brown Mouse (for Max)
6- Polly (for Carrie L)
7- Frank the Iguana (for Loren K)
8- Cleo & Maverick- (for Carrie J)
9- Dizzy (for Kate S)
10-Ember (for Diane A)
11-Jim Carrol Too- (for Brad & Carolyn)
12- Rescue Kitties (for Gil and Jonny)
13- Batman (for Coreena A's Sister)
14- Kane (for Maggie J)
15  Doasht  (for Cathy E)
16-Jinx (for K & J)
17-Morrison (for Cami)
18- Oscar (for Rebecah)
20- Redski (for Cathy E)
21 -
22- Cheney ( for Colleen)
23- Boo (for Harper)
25-Venus- (for Brad and Carolyn)
Thank you so much for following this far!  Aint' this great?!

I am still looking for a pet or animal related charity-  let me know if you have any ideas!
And do send more people my way if you meet any unusual pet owners!  I really wanted to do a hedgehog this year!  Maybe I should just talk to the zoo...

Thank you!  And click here to go to my blog so you can subscribe and follow these crazy daily postings!  I almost forgot to mention that!  Wow!

Must be Fat Tuesday or something!

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Douglas said...

Did you get the Sphynx Cat I sent?