Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sat April 6th!

And here is a redo of Pearl from March 16th~  the original just BUGGED me and Pearl's grama asked for the full body version, so here she is!
Here's what Bonita requested...
 "I had hoped you would use the body in the painting because of her particular foot favoring which it shows in the photo. She is soooo special - she lets Henry(her human grandchild) drag her sometimes and still lays on him whenever she can. They have a really big cream lab now and this old cat cuddles and kisses him. They love one another - I know you would like that!"
I am also working on the book as we speak-  I am not sure I'll have any with me next Friday at the Cats Opening Party but I will send out the link to order your own as soon as I have it!  Yay!

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