Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19, 2013

Are you still typing in "2012" too?  Some years it feels like it takes me til June to get in the swing of it- this year feels like a new year, somehow!  Here is yet another cat, and this reminds me that YES I am doing my 30 Cats in 30 Days project this March, which is coming up faster than a Jack rabbit with a wild cat on its tail!  So if you are interested in participating in this year's project, or if you know of anyone who has a cat that I haven't painted (or even if I have and they want another one!), send this on to them!  Here is a link to my little webpage I made up for it-  and I still haven't gotten another book out on the dogs of July yet...
And here is Puddy Cat...
I swear, even I think I get better with every painting!  What does that tell you about a commitment?  Hmmmmm!
New year's resolution?

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