Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18, Tuesday Morning!

Sheesh! This is ridiculous!  If I go this long without posting again, would some of you PLEASE e-mail me at katjojo@hotmail.com and nag the HECK out of me?!?  Such a terrible manner~
I obviously have been a bit busy-  adjusting to a new schedule, attempting to run/walk every morning (ha! more walk than run),  researching street art for my students (which gets INCREDIBLY fascinating!  If you haven't heard of Banksy yet, you have to check out his work!
See?  I just went to his site again and got distracted!
ANYWAY, here are a couple commissions I finished this week, and I wanted to invite you to my mom, Rita Corrigan's art opening at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe this Friday from 6-8pm!  I'll be there with her, and she has some lovely new pastels from her trip to Croatia with my sisters this summer.  She and I will also be at the Mpls Convention Center October 20 and 21 for the Home and Heatlth Expo... I have free tickets I'll be happy to give you!  There will be a lovely lot of local artists with work ready to hang on you walls (or your house!)~
Oh and I am also planning on doing a different 30 days project in November-  30 Otters in 30 Days, is my thought...  what do you think?

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Susan Gainen said...

Looking forward to seeing you at HE Emporium!