Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday April 26th

Right?  It is april 26th?  Dang!  I'm just enjoying life WAY too much lately!  Can't believe it's almost JUNE.  Well, yes I know we still have May but the way I'm going it will be a blink and it's gone anyway so I might as well get a month of whining about the arrival of June.
The "30 Cats in 30 Days" Opening Celebration is TOMORROW NIGHT at Diamond's!  6-8pm!  Come on out and watch me fumble wine and drop dollar bills as I attempt to make change!  Come see the cats if you haven't yet!
And come meet the other cat lovers you didn't know before!  That's the thing about cat people-  they aren't outside walking their cats as much as dog owners and so don't have that socializing opportunity...  and I suppose that could be because they aren't as social a being as a dog owner...
And this painting was done this evening-  not sure it is finished-  I like the sky~
From my car driving to work, taken on my i-phone...

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