Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Nov 13

Busy busy weekend!  Man, but fun too~  though I was a terrible mom yesterday and let Max eat 3 small bags of oreo/holiday cookies at the Barton Open School sale, and wow that stuff REALLY does affect a kid!  I felt really bad because it was clear that he didn't have control over his emotions or his energy and he had to run and run and scream it all out~  and THEN I came home with balloons, from the 5th Annual Art Boutique (thanks Jay!) and he went NUTS~
But I am sure you don't want to hear that much about that....  so here is yet another painting, and I'll be setting it up on Daily Paintworks too for an auction!   This was a sweet little heartstealing puppy at the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club Fall Bazaar I sat at all day Saturday~  I'm hoping to get a couple commissions from it, because unfortunately I didn't sell much.  But the dogs were SO fun to see!  And I saw this pup out in the parking lot and his owner and he were pretty constantly surrounded by ooooooing and aaahhhing people, wanting to pet him and remark on him.  He really was a great little, outgoing, unafraid little beast!
So click here to join in the auction and have him for your very own!  Your friends will all be jealous~

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