Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27th, Saturday~

Um, why didn't any of you kind people let me know I was a day off?  I said that yesterday was the 25th-  so where did the 26th go, then?  Hmmmm?  Are you the kind of people who let someone know when they have a bit of spinach in their teeth, or their fly is down, or there is a smudge on their forehead, or do you just ignore it and let them find out later at home when they look in the mirror as they are getting ready for bed and leave them desperately trying to remember WHEN was it that they last had SPINACH?!

Well, despite that, I still love you~  and thank you to those of you who came out for LOLA today!  What a great day!  And I LOVE sharing space with Christy and Rebecca~  who've been with me since the START of LOLA~
So come by tomorrow if you can-  I have a couple new pieces from Grand Marais I didn't have along today...
And this pup is Molly, and she is a commission, and I DID just paint her tonight, believe it or not, and don't ask me how I do this because it just seems to happen, and now I need to write out class lists for monday when I meet my new students for the first time....
Thanks for following!!!

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