Monday, June 6, 2011

June 5, MONDAY!

Good morning~  I don't like humidity and am gearing up to try and combat my soon-expected crabbiness...  I am also too aware that tomorrow is going to be even HOTTER and guess where I am going to be?  I think this is a punishment meted out by my Great-Grand-Uncle Mnsgr Corrigan for leaving St. Mark's after so long-  I will be at VALLEYFAIR with the sixth and seventh graders ALL DAY TUESDAY.  
I am planning on bringing my paints and some small panels so I can at least feel like I've done something... but wow~  that is NOT going to be comfortable....
And the show is now up at Private Art 2: Key North over by the Red Stag Supper Club and I Like You on 1st Ave~  The opening will be June 30th!  Wahoo!
And this is a recent commission~  Luna, a lovely big-eyed girl~

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Sharon Parker said...

Hope you're surviving Valley Fair today! I was doing such a good job of feeling sorry for myself with our central a.c. not working, but I think your outing trumps my discomfort, especially since I split for the air-conditioned coffee shop and later plan to work on basement projects! Cooler tomorrow, yay!

I hope you get some fabulous painting done. The amusement park ought to provide some fun subjects, anyway.