Spring 2017 One-Day Classes

June 3 and June 10, ADVANCED PAINTING OPPORTUNITY 9:30-12:30

On these two consecutive weekends, you are invited to join me (and whoever else is able to come) to paint something you are interested in working on.
This will be a time to look at what people are working on, to have a critique of each other's work, to get you started on something you've been neglecting to start, and to give you a gentle nudge towards painting on your own.  If you've been wanting to start something bigger but wanted some support in starting, this time is for you!  If you need a kickstart to get your summer painting started, this is also for you! I will start our three hour session with a get-to-know-you chat, and then settle you into your work for the day.  Consider signing up for both sessions to get the most out of this time, or just sign up for the one that works for you.
Please come with a project in mind and most of your own materials.  Some experience and a prior class with me is expected~
I am happy to help set you up and will check in with you, but this will not be concentrated one-on-one time!
Do please let me know if there are any questions~

June 3 AND June 10

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