Sunday, January 27, 2019

1/27 Snow Rhythm, Wolf Ridge AUCTION

We had a super day yesterday! Got the dogs in the car and headed up to Gooseberry Falls, where we traipsed around in the snow all the way to the great lake and Max and Duane poked at the ice and the rocks and I went a bit mommy on them ("get away from there!  You'll fall in!!!" kinda thing...) and then we popped the frosty dogs back in the car and went to the visitor center (GIFT SHOP) where I cleaned the snow out of Teddy's toes and left the dogs in the car so we could trot to the top of the falls.  JUST gorgeous!!!  But I don't have a finished painting of those photos yet...
Then we stopped by David Gilsvik's studio to pick up a painting and were delighted with his space and his root cellar, and then Max and I went to the Great Lakes Aquarium where I took even MORE photos (and we hit the GIFT SHOP) and then we came home and made dinner and were in bed by 10~ and today we head home!
This painting is another indoor plein air painting out my dorm window at Wolf Ridge! So yes, I didn't actually paint it this morning...
And I have a NEW Painting Lessons Session starting NEXT SATURDAY MORNING!  Click here for more info on that!  Just a few spaces left~

6x6 acrylic on wood
$35 starting bid!
Click here to join the auction!

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