Thursday, December 20, 2018

12/20 Commission!

Wow!  It is a busy time for everyone, I imagine!  We had a great (and LATE) night last night, went and saw "Elf the Musical" at the Ordway with my sis and Duane and Maxie-  Max and I had gone to see "Annie" at the Ordway last year with our friends and Max was bouncing in his seat most of the show, so thinking ahead, I'd gotten 4 tickets, two in front of the others, thinking that way we could control the annoyance factor of 9 year old excitement... but the seats were more staggered and then the tallest man in the area had to sit right in front of Max!
We were able to shift seats a bit, and Max LOVED it!  It is so fun to take a kid to see shows!  Well, when the kid wants to see the shows, I mean!
This is Hina, whom I got to meet when she came to pick up her painting with her owner!

9x12 acrylic on wood
spoken for!

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