Saturday, November 17, 2018

Home Away, Grand Marais!

If you've been a lover of the North Shore of Lake Superior as long as we have, you'll recognize this iconic lighthouse, and you've probably also been out to that point to look out across the lake and the Sawtooth Mountains~
This one is for dad, who taught us all how to skip rocks up on the shore, picking the best, flattest rocks and throwing skippers of 15 pops!  Max has learned from the best~  he's got that down!
I have never noticed the decorative cut to the little supporting buttresses just under that highest platform!  That's one of the magical things about drawing and painting- it makes you really look closely at your subject to the point where you are directing all your attention to it and you notice amazing things you wouldn't have seen normally.
Like that blue on the left side of this lighthouse- I think it's from the light reflected off the water~  but what a crazy beautiful blue!

8x10 acrylic on wood

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