Monday, November 5, 2018

11/5 Dave's Creek, October

I painted this one last Friday at our First Friday Painting Party at my studio!  THANK YOU Bobbi and Michelle and Brian and Chuck and Bridget!!!  I always love painting WITH people!
You'll notice that is it blue...
And I wanted to say, I love people. One of my favorite lines is from "Harold and Maude" when Harold says to Maude something along the lines of 'you are so good with people!" and she says something along the lines of "Why wouldn't I be?  They're my species!"

And a quote I remember from the artist Kieth Haring, who was also a great humanitarian, and who said if something isn't FOR people, then it really is against them.

Go with love, my peeps!

12x36 acrylic on canvas
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