Saturday, August 18, 2018

August 18, "Otter Vibe"

Hi!  Here's another otter for you!
Had a bit of excitement at our house last night~ we were waiting for my sweet youngest sis to come stay overnight, watching some "Big Bang Theory" and suddenly there were flashing lights going past our window and Duane went to investigate and there were three firetrucks at the end of our block and the house at the end was pouring terrible smelling smoke into the street!  In a relatively short amount of time, twenty minutes maybe, we had to back up from the smoke and it was difficult to see.  The fireman were very active, breaking windows, opening the fire hydrant, and it looks like no-one was home. It still smelled terrible this morning-  I was really glad we had the air on in our house~
And yes, here is another otter! This one will possibly be at my LOLA Open Studio Sale on September  15-16 at the Ivy. I'm pretty pleased with it... It was fun getting the light to feel true, and that his eyes are closed in a kind of ecstasy is also SO great! Dang, gotta love those otters!

8x16 acrylic on cradled panel

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