Tuesday, July 10, 2018

July 10, Webster!

Ah, this is a special one!  Jillian won a fundraising auction (which I don't do often) at her son's school for a 10x10 commission and she was willing to be a part of this project, so here is Webster!  I have to admit, her choice of favorite photo was not one I would have chosen, but this is certainly an endearing critter!
Here's what Jillian says about Webster!

“We went looking for a different dog but came home with Webster; he opened one sleepy eye and we couldn’t resist this funny creature. He and his puppy siblings were found abandoned in a barn; the only thing we know is their mother was likely a miniature poodle (presumably, their father was some sort of terrier).  Webster is watchful, steady, anxious, affectionate, chatty, and loyal.  He is our family’s heart-filler, the best brother to his three human siblings, and a truly tender-hearted treasure.” 

10x10 acrylic on panel

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