Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, Daphne~

Ah, the return to some form of normalcy after a weekend at an art fair!  I had a great time at Powderhorn Park Art Fair, and I want to say thank you so much to everyone who came by!  It was a cool weekend, with some rain and windy bits to keep things exciting- and my booth was constantly visited by people with pets and kids, my favorites!
And yesterday afternoon, when I was dealing with a transaction and talking to several other people, a contingent of women showed up and said something like, " Can we take a moment of your time?" and I thought absurdly that they were trying to sell me something like a door-to-door salesperson!  And they saw that on my face immediately and laughed and said, "This is GOOD!  We want to present you with an award!"  And so I received an Invitational Award for Painting!  Yay!  That made the day!  I also got a smidgen of painting in~  not this one, though-  this is a commission!  I just thought I'd post it because I like it!


8x8 acrylic on wood, Spoken for!

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