Sunday, August 13, 2017

August 13, the Day of Rest!

Sorry to have been so quiet this week, my friends, but it's been kinda necessary to do some home stuff and be quiet for a while, after the excitement of the summer so far.  This August is feeling more like a recuperating and regathering time for me, plus an opportunity to catch up with some commissions~
new curtains!
Some of my top favorite things that happened this past week~
-I washed most of our windows in the house (first time since they were installed in 2010!)~
-I made new curtains for our bedroom from a sari I bought in Duluth on my run up with Mina~
-I organized the bills and recycled old files!
-We went to the Renaissance Festival Guest Night and now Max wants to be a fire spinner!
-I changed out artwork at Articulture (yay!)~
-I sold a big otter painting (thanks Lisa!)!

And today I am painting WHATEVER I WANT TO!  Which will probably mean otters and bears and maybe an adorable kitten or two...  we will see!

Don't forget to come to Diamond's next Thursday to see all the wonderful dogs hanging together!  6-8pm at 1618 Central Ave NE! Wine and cheese for you, friendly dogs welcome!

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