Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 1, Robin for Martha Claussen

For my first dog for this project, I've chosen Robin! And it is rather fun to me that he is a European breed, and I'm currently IN Europe!  Well, actually, does Britain count as Europe anymore?  Hmmm...

And the photo I chose to paint from is a selfie that Robin took himself at the March for Science, Martha explained!  Here is more she has to say about him~

OK, Robin will be 10 years old in August. He's purebred Bassett Fauve de Bretagne, which is a common breed in Europe but not the US. Not recognized by the AKC but the breed is registered by and competes in UKC events.  Both his parents are European imports; a friend of mine fell in love with the breed at the Crufts dog show in the UK, she then imported several dogs and bred a few litters in California.

Initially I planned to train Robin for tracking, which he would have been good at I'm sure, but he showed a very independent streak early on, and I knew I couldn't keep up with him at the other end of a long lead. He follows his nose and has sharp eyes too, he will spot a chipmunk hidden under a shrub 10 feet away and sit and watch until it moves. He's followed deer trails straight up the side of a mountain and managed to escape from multiple dog parks by casing perimeter fences for holes. 

Robin gets along with all people and his canine, feline and avian family members, but not so much with strange dogs. He's gentle but mischievous, he will steal a paper napkin or tissue right out of your lap and you won't know it until you notice he's ripping it to shreds. His favorite thing is bubble wrap, we have to be careful with any padded envelopes that arrive in the mail lest he "open" them first, and he has opened a few cardboard boxes to "see" if they contain bubble wrap. He loves going on walks, and to stand sentry in the yard for hours, after dark, watching for any urban creatures (raccoons, possums, cats) that might show up. I've not asked much of him, just let him be a loved pet, and he's kept us enchanted with his darling face and funny ways since he was 8 weeks old.

8x8 acrylic on wood, sold!

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