Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 7, Gruntled

As in "DISgruntled", so perhaps he's LESS gruntled than some~
I am really enjoying painting these little paintings!  I'll see if I can get some photos taken of them hanging so you can see how sweet they look together-

I was just thinking, these little paintings would be awful sweet for someone's "Pappa Bear" coming up a week from Sunday, right?  I can ship them to you tomorrow!  Just let me know!

I am also cranking up for this year's "30 Dogs in 30 Days" project this July, and have already gotten a number of dogs signed up!  Here's the link for all the info, and what I need from you are photos of your dog!  Yay!  Get 'em in quick!  They're stacking up already!
3x5 acrylic on wood, $45 click here to make this YOURS!

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