Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 21, Otter Swift Slide on Solstice!

This is a painting I did as a demo this weekend in Grand Marais at my lovely painting class, in which I was attempting to demonstrate how to do one stroke per color (ala Carol Marine!) and it was such a great one to attempt because of all that crazy underwater reflected light stuff going on!
And those wonderful purples and browns and pale oranges of his fur... and the light in the green water...
Can you tell I do love otters?
And since OTTERS as so much like water dogs (yes! they ARE), I'm also going to mention again that I am looking for submissions of photos of dogs for me to paint in July.  I am doing my annual "30 Dogs in 30 Days" Painting Project, and I need a few more images to paint!  I collect all my photos and go through and decide who is getting painted on what day in July, and then I paint that dog on that day! A couple will end up being in public too~ this always happens~
And there is a lot more info here, or you can always e-mail me and ask too~  I love these projects!  Still settling on a charity as well~  and I'm open to suggestions!

And we'll be traveling for a bit here, to see some friends in the UK, so there may be a bit of a delay in responses!

10x20 acrylic on canvas, $400
click HERE to purchase!

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Robin said...

Love the otter. The sense of movement! Have a good trip!