Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15th, Contemplation

This bear is just so tangible, so tactile~  I kinda wanna pull her off the canvas and cuddle with her!  She's got that Pooh-Bear/Eyore essence going on.  My favorite dog, Jojo, was an old black cocker spaniel with enormous feet, who was very much into sitting like this, just being.  He was a great teacher.  SO is this bear!
Come see her in person this weekend at Art-A Whirl!  I'll be at the Grain Belt Bottling Plant (79 13th Ave NE)!  My paintings really need to be seen in person-  the black parts are matte black, with the acrylic paint contrasting with shine~

And she has that little yellow spark of knowledge, just in front of her nose!

20X20 acrylic on canvas, $800 click here to purchase or reserve this painting and talk no interest payment plans with me!

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