Saturday, May 6, 2017

Max And The Wax

It really is helpful to look at your images from a distance, even if that distance is a day or two or a laptop instead of in person-  because now I can see what was buggin me about this one- his eyebrow is not as apparent as I want it to be and there's something not quite right about the angle of his nose, and his neck is more disjointed than I'd realized.  I am mostly happy with the skin tones and the gesture of the hand with the flame, and the shadows. The challenge of painting a different subject is that I don't always know what the tricky parts are until I'm able to look at it from a distance, like now.
Max is heating up the little copper scoop for drawing wax lines on eggs for psyanky~ just before Easter.  Quite a lovely mess!
8x8 in progress

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