Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 30, Moore~

I would love a bit more of a story here, about Moore~  he/she is one of those hairless cats, and I (once again) just could NOT resist painting this!  I mean, come ON!  LOOK at this creature!  Lord of the Rings?  Some kind of Gothic shoulder pet?  Not sure, but wow!
And I thought I should re-post the list of everyone, now that I'm (mostly) done-  you never know-  I might just paint something tomorrow too!  And the Opening Party will be NEXT Friday, April 7th, at Diamond's from 6-8!  So please come if you can make it!  Wahoo!
8x8 acrylic on wood, $175 click here to own this amazing creature!
1- Picky the Hermit Crab
2- Nigel in a Bucket
3- snapper on the road
4- Nemo the Cockatoo
5- Wooly the Brown Mouse
6- Polly for Carrie L
7- Frank the iguana for Loren K
8- Cleo & Maverick- Carrie J
9- Dizzy for Kate S
10-Ember for Diane A
11-Venus- for Brad & Carolyn
12- Rescue Kitties for Gil and Jonny
13- Batman for Coreena's sister
14- Kane for Maggie J
15  Office Goat
16-Jinx for Kat & Jason
17-Morrison for Cami
18- Oskar for Rebecah
19-  Darling Angelina for Deborah
20  Doaschy and Redski for Cathy E
21 -Vinnie
22- Cheney for Colleen
23- Boo- for Harper
24 Twice the Fun
25-Jim Carroll Too- for Brad and Carolyn
26 Oz for Liz Tim
27 Turtle for Kristine S
28 - Valentine for Greer
29- Resuce Kitty Tw0
30- Moore the Naked Kitty

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