Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 8, Cleo and Maverick! For Carrie

This is Maverick and Cleo, for Carrie~  When I saw this photo I knew I wanted to try to paint it!  What a pair~  you can't make that kind of affection up, you know.  And so I painted it in a rectangle because there's no way I would've wanted to have to crop anything out!

Here's what Carrie says about these two~

Our house is decorated in shades of gray, and when it came time to find furry friends to fill our hearts, it was only fitting that they match what was soon to be their multitude of lounging options.

First came Cleo, then came Maverick. They are a study in contrasts. She is the quiet, watchful, big sister to his wild, unbridled, little brother... And we love them both, so much. I didn't grow up with cats and neither did my husband. We both came from dog families. Who knew we would become cat lovers?

My husband snapped this stunning photograph of Cleo and Maverick. A friend at work said it looked like an engagement photo. It's a typical photo of these two... Maverick laying on top of his big sister Cleo, and her tolerating his joyful exuberance.

8x10 acrylic on wood, $295 click here to purchase!

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