Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 23, Boo~

Another glorious cat to paint!  I am SO LUCKY!  Wow~ here is Boo's story, by Harper~
"In true cat form, Boo Radley always kept me on my toes. For example on my 25th Birthday, I came home to find Boo and his brother Raskalnikov had destroyed my curtains and create a hole in my ceiling, using nothing more than their claws and persistence.  Later, after his brother passed, Boo would wake me up in the early morning by busting into my room, laying down on top of my head and putting his paw right on my nose until I sneezed myself awake.  Boo would also have Houdini-esque adventures  in my (unlit) fireplace, despite my desperate attempts to block him. Boo, a white long-haired cat, would reappear  completely covered in soot and lay down on my beige carpet purring, clearly pleased with himself. Despite his mischievous ways, Boo was also the sweetest companion a girl could ever have. He loved treats, getting petted, and snuggling in my lap, in no particular order. I will miss his mischief, sweet temperament, and blue eyes immensely. 

8x8 acrylic on wood, spoken for~

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