Monday, February 27, 2017

Feb 27, The Boyo

I thought I'd post a people, since they are kinda rare on my site here.  This is one of my personal people, with whom I share a house. We also share a number of pets, and I'm trying NOT to share my cold with him! It's one thing to be sick myself, but it is so hard to watch someone I love feel terrible.  I'd rather it was me!  At least he seems to be keeping it at bay so far... we'll hope that continues.  It seems everyone has a little touch of something lately.

I love this photo because he's looking sideways at his dad while they are goofing off in the MCDonald's in Hinkley on our way home from Duluth.  Last winter he was in love with turtlenecks, and especially the green one he's wearing here.  Some people's kids....

I'll be posting my "30 Cats & Friends In 30 Days" Official List tomorrow!  I have to admit there are still a few empty spaces, so I am still looking for critters to fill those slots.  I may have to resort to soliciting on Facebook or Pinterest or something-  I really would love a hedgehog, or a ferret...
C'mon People!  Help me out here!

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