Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb 20, What a Star!

Life has been a little dreary today, with rain and drizzle and clouds... but that can also make it even nicer and cozier inside and can lead to outdoors expeditions like creating dams in the alley with a couple seven year olds.
And we did our taxes today too~  whew!  Thank goodness THAT's over!  I did quite well last year, with this little world of painting of mine, thank you VERY much all of you out there!  It is still hard to really fathom that I am living my dream of being a working artist.  THANK YOU!  The only difficulty is all the organizing and record-keeping and all of that, which I am SO not good at, but am working hard to learn how to be better.  You can learn to do anything, if it is absolutely necessary!

This is a sweet little painting of a very fluffy, excitable little dog, supposedly a Yorkie-Poo mix, but really more of a schnauzer mix I think.  He is extremely lovable and very loyal~  and quite black with those tufty little eyebrows, and this was a delight to paint!

6x6 acrylic on wood, $85 click HERE to have this sweetie to look upon~

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