Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jan 15, "Towards The Light"

And this is another version of our Gus, going into the light~  I love this piece so much, and the original sold (thanks Debra!) so I've painted another version, and this one is entered in another juried exhibition titled "Seeing God"~  at the Benedictine Monastery in East St Paul~  dad loved dogs and spread that love through our family and this piece is an homage to him. And to Gus too~  love that dog~
And it's funny too, as I look at this one- I'd thought I was finished with it but something was missing.  I hadn't added the little blue highlights.  They really make it buzz~

16x40 acrylic on canvas, $1280 click here if you'd like to force me to paint another one because you want to take this one for yourself!

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