Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, Maddie!

Honestly, I think of this one as "Maddie with the Mohawk" because her incredible hair, and this pose, just speaks to the nobleness of one endowed with enviable genetics~
And here is what Andrea says about Maddie!

Things to know about Maddie:

She is a 10 year old standard poodle, her coat color is called blue.  

1) More than one person has described her as a person disguised as a dog.  She is a wise, old soul.  But also very fun loving, read on....
2) She loves spending as much time as possible in the back yard trying to make friends with the squirrels.  She stands/sits as still as a stone until they forget that she is there, then she chases them, bumps them with her nose and says "tag, you're it!"  One squirrel plays a funny game with her...he goes around and around, just out of reach, on the tree trunk and she follows him around and around the tree.  
3) She tries to play with our cat too, but gets rebuffed every time.  
4) She loves her dad best, even though I am the one who feeds her and lets her out in the morning.  There is no justice!
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