Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2, "Bimo"

I love painting fluffy dogs!  When I first started painting dogs seriously, I loved painting black dogs because my love at the time was Bingo, my sleek black lab, and his coat of many shades of black, from dark blue indigo to lavender highlights, and now, I have a fluffy dog too, so here we go with fluffy love!
This was a very sweet one to paint-  getting all those little peaks and valleys of shade and light is a fun endeavor!
And here is a little blurb about Bimo, from Brad who knew him and his owner, Mary~
"This is Bimo. He was my friend Mary's dog. He passed away a few years ago. He was a very special dog. Mary would take him to work at the Ramsey County Mental Health Center & he would always brighten the client's day. "
 I'm sure he would've brightened mine!

8x8 acrylic on panel, sold~

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m hanley said...

Thank you so much for painting Bimo! You really captured his essence! He was an amazing little being who never believed he was a dog and sat at the table for dinner parties and on a chair during group therapy at the mental health center! He even stood on two legs when we talked to people on a corner... He made me laugh every day. I still miss him so. Thanks Brad and Carolyn for this wonderful gift! Much love,