Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5th, "Ear Wings And Shadow"

Another version of that sweet little dachshund named Fletcher I took photos of in May in Grand Marais!  It was just the perfect set up, with the pale concrete and that distinctive shadow and profile and those ears~  and creating that warm color for his coat, with the cool shadows-  do you know how much fun that is?  Have I mentioned how much I love to paint?  I can't stand it!  I have to post this and get painting!  Enough of the chit-chat!
Shoot.  I am not sure how big this one is, so I don't know how much to charge for it!  I think it's about 7 inches by 3.5 inches, which by my calculations means this one is for sale for...

$50!  Click HERE if you'd like this one!  

And I may be wrong and it may be bigger, but I'll still let you have it for $50!

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