Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30, The OFFICIAL LIST of 30 Dogs in 30 Days, July 2016!

Yay!  One last painting before I start the dogs tomorrow-  Max requested this one today, I really don't know why-  it's a little brown bat.  You know, seven year old boys and brown bats-  the two go together like peas and carrots!
6x6 acrylic on panel, NFS (Max wants it, of course...)

And HERE is the OFFICIAL LIST of this year's 30 Dogs in 30 Days!  Wahoo!!!! And I reserve the right as a human (with a human's foibles)  to adjust and modify this list as necessary for the month of July~
And I have saved a couple dates near the end in case of emergency cute dog-ness!
Can't wait to get started!!!

30 Dogs in 30 Days, July 2016
July 1- Hubert for Eric L
2- Bimo for Mary H 
3- Bernadette Blue Wagglebottom for Jasper 
4- Roxie, for Cheryl & Paul 
5- Tippy for Andrea and Andrew
6- Rugby (longhair AND shorthair) for Laura R
7- Georgie for Annie B
8- ChiChi for Cynthia W 
9- Lookyee for Nattie (Paul)
10- Marcy for Nattie (Paul)
11- Sage for Candy K 
12- Mozart for Lisa 
13- Buddha for Mattie
14- Yoshi Bear for Nanci D
15- Rupa for Tanya A  
16- Pepper for Shay
17- Queenie (for Cynthia's Sis) 
18- Rosie for Kate T
19- Frode for Nathaniel (Gay G) 
20- Cecil for Joe (Donna H) 
21-Buddy/Buster for Dawn U
22- Honey for Wendy L 
23- Otto for Anna P
24- Augie for Liz J
25- Poodle for Andrea G
26- Murphy for Allison W 
27- Yoshi for Sherri D 
28- Buddy for Lisa's mom!


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