Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26, "Northern Irises" and MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Yay me! It is my birthday today!  And I am starting it off by going out to a Spina Bifida Conference this morning to teach (what started out as 20 kids and is now 37 at last count) one of my Negative Space Tree Painting Lessons because the title of the conference is " Beyond All Limits" and the idea is that the kids try doing something they don't think they can do, so we'll all paint trees together!
Wahoo!  Wish me luck!

And these are some gorgeous irises from last week, again kind of a lesson in negative space, and I really enjoyed painting them!  I don't do flowers often-  those would be some of my more rare paintings I would say.

And ALSO as my birthday present to YOU  I will give you 30% off of ANY PAINTINGS on my DAILY PAINT WORKS SITE today only!  Take a look through and let me know which ones you want and go ahead and CLICK to PURCHASE them and I'll send you a new invoice through Paypal for the discounted price-  good TODAY ONLY!

Including THIS ONE!

9x12 acrylic on wood, $215 click HERE to purchase!

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