Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, "Late Saturday Night..."

Whew!  Yesterday was a long day of excellent critiques with intelligent, generous and kind people, and packing and driving and getting home and unpacking... so I somehow didn't have time to post, darn it!  But know I was thinking of it!  It was funny driving home-  you know how traffic can be really annoying with people cutting in and all, and somehow we get all competitive about it, and it feels icky, so I decided to start naming all the people in the cars, like "Oh there goes Bruce, on his way home to see the new baby!" to a little car zipping in and out, and "Dale's got the trailer on again" as an SUV passes with an ugly truck-bed trailer... it was fun coming up with names with mom, and nobody was irritating!  And we actually passed a red convertible with two older women- guess what we named them?!

This is the second to last painting from Saturday night!  If you can't tell, it is my Gus, who is going blind~  but still acts as if he isn't.  Ya gotta love that dog!  This one will be at Artistry this August! wahoo!
16x20 acrylic on black gessoed canvas- $720, if you want it you can buy it, but I need it back for the show!

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