Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, Another Otter for Art4Shelter!

Well, WE had a packed weekend here in Minneapolis!  Wow!  Took down two art shows (I am working on getting my "30 Cats & Friends" art to them, if you are someone who is wondering!) and went to see the Wild Kratts at the Orpheum on Saturday with Max and Duane!  We were in the 3rd row!!! AND got to see them after the show for photo opps!!!  Can you believe it?!?!  And you have no idea who I am talking about if you don't have a kid...
AND we participated in the Heart of the Beast's Mayday Parade yesterday!  Which was WONDERFUL and exhausting and fun!  Still a bit tired today but it was a great weekend! Yay!
Thanks for letting me tell you all about it!
Here is an otter I painted on 8x10 paper for the Art4Shelter Fundraiser coming up next week!  May 11th! 6-9! Come see me!  I'll be there!

8x10 acrylic on paper-  come get it next Wed!

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