Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30, Baby Sea Turtle

My sister Colleen is living in Brisbane at the moment, finishing up her doctorate in conservation with native peoples (I'm sure she'll correct me and I can tell you more!) and in her time there she's photographed fairey penguins and sea turtles, and this is one of the photos she sent me of a hatchling sea turtle (is it a Green, Beaner?) in Queensland where they are pushing a conservation effort and raising them in captivity for release.  I think.

And this was a turtle hatchling at the 
Queensland museum from this morning. Cute, eh?

Here's what Beaner wrote me this morning after she saw this one!
You did a great job! Fantastic colours and shapes and flow!

This one is a flat back sea turtle, which was next to the smaller greens. Most will be released and a few kept for the sealife aquarium. Wish you guys could come visit it!

Love you,


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