Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 24, Brisbane and Ayer!

Another double kitty painting-  this one is 6x8 on canvas-  Duane didn't have time to cut me a 6x8 panel and I couldn't find one to purchase at all- so this is a different texture for me entirely.  I wonder if you can tell in the photo...  I did like painting around the edges, which was fun because the cats are in a bathtub so it's kinda backwards with the edges folding around and under instead of up and around.  I like the shadows too!
And my sister is in Australia right now, in Brisbane as a matter of fact-  I think I have to ask Gayle a bit more about why these are Australian named American Curls...

Yes! They are Australian inspired names. :). Mom (FIV+) is Sidney.  Her litter is Ayer (he was the runt), Brisbane, Noosa, Matilda and the 2 outliers Peppadew (foster coordinator insisted) and Zydeco.  American Curls

6x8 acrylic on canvas, $130 sold

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