Friday, March 11, 2016

March 11, "Miette"

This is a sweet-faced kitteh, reclining on a cushion~  I am thinking there is a story to go with her, but I can't find it!
We've had a bit of a sick day here in Minnesota, futzing with earaches and amoxicillan, heating pads and ibuprofen... along with new bathroom construction.  Quite a bit for a six year old (and his not-feeling-the-greatest-either mom), who is now lying gamely behind me on the couch, playing on my phone and watching "Wild Kratts"...
SO I did get some time to paint this one-  and it is the biggest one of this month, a 12x12!  And I did go back into this one and I adjusted her ear and her eyes, and she feels MUCH more kitten-like now!  Yay!

12x12 acrylic on hardboard, sold

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