Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1, Jackson! The FIRST CAT and the OFFICIAL LIST!

Jackson is my neighbor across the street's cat, and I decided to paint him first because I love the black and white contrast of his face and those green green eyes!  I'm not sure how often Karen checks her e-mail, so if you see her would you let her know?  Hee!
And I've included the OFFICIAL LIST below!  Take a look!  It is OFFICIAL but not unflexible!  And there are still a few spaces in there!  If you've got a critter on the list, please send me a little note about them so I can include it on my blog~  I'd like to make a book of the project too!
Here's Jackson's story!

Jackson belonged to my son's girlfriend (at the time).  She was going to go to school back east and needed a foster parent for him.  We had just lost both our kitties within the last year or so.  He asked us to take Jackson for the school year.  Took him and then she decided to stay in Virginia to live and work.  Asked if we would adopt Jackson.  He was already ours and we have our Jackson and a little Tortie sister named Izzo.  One big happy family.

6x6 acrylic on panel, $100 click HERE to be the first purchase of the project!

1 "Jackson",  Karen O
2 "Fish" , Monica K
3 "Saul" ,  Laura Juhl
4 "Ocean" Anita W
5  "Tango" Annie B
6  "Greybird" Cockatiel, Bethany S
7  "Ben the Barn Cat" , Connie P
8 "Rabbits" Nanci D
9  "Daisy"Shari & Bill 
10 "Beach Iguana" Kris M & Dan
11"Miette", Michelle B
12 "Chester Anderson", Brian F
13 "Eliza Bunlittle", Mio I
14 "Gwen" the Cockatiel, Tavia P
15  "Meydi" Sandra B
16 "Moose", Nate L
17 "McKenzie" , Aimee G
18 "Mascara" Riana H
19 "George &Martha" Rosemary C
20 "Ghengus" Christi F
21 "Haffy", Philla B
22  "Conrad",  Liana K
23 "Bo" and "Mo" 
24 "Brisbane & Ayer" Gayle H
25 "Bela Lugosi" Diane A
28 "Boo", Carolyn BM' daughter!

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