Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 24, "Bunny In The Sun"

yes, I know, another one of my deliciously creative names, yes~  this is another oil painting from the Florida bunnies, and I've included a photo of the underpainting for your viewing pleasure, and so you can see the structure of this type of painting- it is neat to see the glow coming through the ears, and the way the underlying colors do show through~
It is interesting to see how differently people paint- I still love painting on black, though I am rethinking the wisdom of the birch panels I purchased for mom and me to bring to Florida-  they really warp badly, and I must not have gessoed them enough because they absolutely suck the paint into the surface.  I may be playing with new surfaces in the coming weeks...  well, maybe after March Madness and 30 Cats is complete!  I'm not sure I have time to mess around TOO much while making sure I've painted a critter a day!
And by the way, I KNOW there are more reptiles out there!  Thanks for the birds and bunnies and fish photos, but no one has sent me any tortoise or bearded dragons or geckos or anything!  Come on! It's time for this year's "30 Cats and Pals in 30 Days" Project!

8x8 OIL on panel, $130 click HERE to purchase!

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