Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, "Golden Bear"

I painted this one yesterday, actually, the over-achiever again, painting extra paintings in the workshop while everyone else is finishing up their one.  I am not doing it on purpose, you know...  I just really really really love painting, and I do it so often I think it must come little bit easier for me.  And I'm not bragging, I'm just also not good at responding cleverly with wisecracks, which is maybe why it has become easier for me to be in the teacher's seat so I can keep going with this stuff rather than being a fellow student...
Today we painted an itailian wall... it was quite difficult-  maybe I'll show you mine someday if you ask nicely (or if mom posts it first)~
This is one of the brown bears at the Minnesota Zoo-  I really enjoyed painting him in oil, Dreama style!  the face of course took a bit of futzing.  But I can feel that nose and that lovely loose and flobbery lip~

8x8 OIL on panel (yes OIL!)  $130 Click HERE to make this your own!

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