Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 23, A Daily Apple

Today's painting was a demo for my newest class~  it is always an adventure and there are no guarantees that a demo is going to be a good painting.  As a matter of fact, sometimes they are downright awful but of course I don't say that in front of impressionable (maybe vulnerable!) adults, who are hoping to learn something from me...
This one isn't too bad at all!  The difficulty is often in finding apples that are a solid color, because we are attempting to paint simple forms with shading, meaning that those spotty apples can be a bit too much of a challenge.
There's always that tricky bit of WHAT COLOR IS THAT ANYWAY?  The table I painted this apple on is a cherry colored wood, so it's just different enough from the apple to not be the same red, plus it has a different surface as well...
Oh it is just all so much FUN!!!

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