Friday, December 4, 2015

December 4, "Coffe from Cafe Maude"

We went to Cafe Maude after church, the sunday after the funeral, and it was good coffee, and good food, and so good to do something together and normal.
We'll have to go again.  I liked it.  And I think they hang local art on the walls too....

This one is painted on a clear gessoed panel, so it has that brown tone of the wood showing through.  It was fun to have to create my darks instead of using the black gesso peeping through....

6x6 acrylic on panel, $75 click HERE to purchase!

And I'll be posting the upcoming class dates for next year's Painting Lessons soon!
Stay tuned-

And come to the Ivy Building this weekend!!!!!

Come to Studio #210 for the Winter Frolic at the Ivy this Weekend!
It's time for the Seward Winter Frolic at the Ivy Building!  We're putting on our own WING SHOW!!!  We've got a whole pile of artists who are excited to hang out together, and we have so much great art, we can't keep it all in Studio #210 so we'll be hanging  in the hallway too!
WHEN: Saturday Dec 5th, 10 to 5 and Sunday Dec 6th, Noon to 5
WHERE: the Ivy Building, 2637 27th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Come up to the SECOND Floor!  Follow the signs!  Studio #210!

Duane has a lovely pile of birds for those crazy bird lovers you know, as well as some more of his unusual and wickedly creative wood sculptures!

My mom Rita Corrigan is coming too, with some of her newest Sunset paintings for you!

I'll have paintings and prints and a smile for you!  We'll also have some snacks and treats for your browsing pleasure~  come on out and hang with us this weekend!

Other artists are my studio mates, Steph GuideraGarrett BergemannConnie Lanphear and Kat Lange, as well as guest artists Shelly Thrall and Ila Duntemann!  LOTS of great stuff!
Wow, Holidays can be tough!  Come see us and give us a hug!

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