Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5, "Oscar"

This is a third commission for this client, and is interesting to me because what she wanted was another version of the second painting I had done for her of Oscar, five years ago.  I'll post the originals later, because I can't quite cotton onto my photos at the moment, but I DO have this one to show you!  The fun thing for me was to try to match my five-years-ago style to my current style, which I didn't think was that different but it really IS!  It was an interesting challenge to have to pay attention to what has changed in my work.
The other challenge was in finding the same size and depth of canvas for these paintings!  The originals are on 2inch deep 9 by 9 inch stretched canvases, and I couldn't find any anywhere.  These were probably a set of four as a project from Michals, some time ago.   I did find my own groundhog paintings that I had done on the other two of the set of four, and gessoed out one groundhog so I could paint the new Oscar without having to pull the other Oscar off the other canvas...

I am pretty pleased with the little booger, and so were his new owners when they came by to pick him up earlier this week!

9x9 acrylic on stretched canvas, $210 SOLD

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