Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 29, My Dad...

I haven't posted for a couple weeks because my attention has been focused on my family.  My dad died incredibly suddenly on Friday the 13th of November, after seeing my nephew in a play at his school.  Dad had a good time with my mom and nephew and sister-in-law, and then headed out to the parking lot and got in the car and started it, and by the time my mom came around her side and got in, he'd fallen back in his seat, eyes closed, mouth open, not breathing-  paramedics came, took him to the ER, but they weren't able to keep him with us.

SO I've been a bit out of it.  Painting helps a lot, and so do all the wonderful, supportive, loving people we've been fortunate enough to surround ourselves with, including you all~  so thank you~

I'm working on commissions, because I have to keep painting, and I've been teaching and working with my adult painting students, who are also a beautiful bunch who help me stay focused on what I love doing...  wow, I am so lucky...

And there are mugs hanging at Diamond's too, for the Mug Shots Show, through January, I think.

 6x6 acrylic on panel, $65 click here to purchase~

And this weekend we have the Seward Winter Frolic and our studio (#210 at the Ivy Building!) will be open on Sat Dec 5 from 10 to 5, and Sun Dec 6 from noon to 5-  Duane will have a bunch of his crazy wooded critters there too, and we'll have a number of jewelers and painters and stained glass and music, so come on over, it would be great to see you!

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